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Welcome to Alfray's place !

R'alf, Ralf, Alfray... Hey, that would be me :-)

See the R'alf Home Page for more details.

泉 Izumi Home Page

This 泉 Izumi is an experiment. Not quite a weblog, it is merely a repository of written thoughts of various interest.

Feel free to browse Izumi.

Projects Home Page

RIG, Nerdkill, PowerPulsar, etc...

View all projects here.


November 23, 2003
Added Izumi page.
November 20, 2003
New projects page.
November 7, 2003
Added Nerdkill C#.
June 16, 2003
Renamed Rantt to Synthetic.
March 18, 2003
Added Rantt.
January 03, 2003
Reorganizing web sites:
www.powerpulsar.com and rig.powerpulsar.com vs. www.alfray.com and ralf.alfray.com
November 02, 2002
Registered Alfray.com.
July 22, 2002

Made a home page for RIG.

November 01, 2001

Announcing RIG [Ralf Image Gallery] soon...
RIG is my new toy -- yet another PHP driven image gallery for Linux or WinNT. I need to finalize an archive and a web page for it, then I'm ready to distribute it. Several features will need to be added later, but there's no hurry...

October 31, 2001

The PowerPulsar Home Page is no longer the real home page.
This page is here to direct you to either the R'alf or the PowerPulsar Home Page.


me if you dare.

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Last Updated: January 4, 2003
Created: October 21, 2001